CYO Mission

The mission of CYO is to provide the highest quality programs to our young people. We are committed to provide these programs based on integrity, fair play and the right of all individuals to participate. We view our responsibility as extending far beyond the mere teaching of athletic skills. Our programs offer the opportunity to develop moral standards in all of our young people.

The administration and staff of CYO will do everything in our power to act in the best interest of our participants and our programs. CYO has the final authority to make all decisions regarding player eligibility and rules and regulations.

CYO Athletics provides team and athletic opportunities for parish children in grades K-8. St. Ignatius offers cheerleading, flag football (K-4), football (5-6), volleyball, basketball and fall and spring season soccer. 

Sports registration takes place prior to the start of each season. Parish children are eligible to participate and must be enrolled in either the parish religious education program (with a 75% attend rate or higher), or St. Ignatius Catholic School. Children from surrounding parishes are also welcome to participate if they meet one of the following criteria: 1) the student is enrolled in a nearby Catholic school that cannot field a team in the chosen sport, or 2) the student is enrolled in their home parish’s religious education program (with a 75% attendance rate or higher).   

Adult volunteers are needed to serve as coaches and assistants. Adults with a love of athletics are welcome. Coaches and assistants should have some basic knowledge about their sport. Coaches set their own practice schedule based on gym and field availability. Child Protection Training through the Archdiocese of Mobile is required for all adult participants. In addition, and Concussion / Brain Injury training are also mandatory to coach any sport through the CYO.

For more information about CYO Sports, contact

Athletic Director, Vickie Murray

  • Coach’s application can be found on our website. Please volunteer to coach or help with a sport.