The following is a list of conduct and behavior expected of all volunteer coaches in the St. Ignatius CYO program.
• I will always uphold the integrity and honor of being a teacher/coach in programs sponsored by the Catholic Church. 
• In all personal contact with the youth, opposing coaches, fans, and officials, I will set an example of high ethical and moral conduct.
• I shall know and adhere to league and contest rules and be responsible for their communication to team members.
• I shall promote good sportsmanship with players and parents.
• I will treat athletes and officials with dignity. I will not use profanity, touch athletes in a negative manner, or make demeaning criticisms to athletes or officials.
• I will never place the value of winning, or my own personal satisfactions, above the value of instilling the highest desirable ideals of character and Christianity, that is consistent with a Catholic School Education.
• Officials will have the total respect and support of the coach. I will not indulge in conduct that will incite players or spectators against the officials.